#”Name is the first gift from the parents, do it with care & love.”

The name of the child is the first gift from the parent to the child & that remains till death and even after death. If the person is extraordinary then this gift becomes everlasting, unlike to other tangible gifts. Even for an average person this goes with generations. Name also influence and inspire the child.

We have to be very careful when we are naming our child; if it is not correctly done then this first gift of ours may be refused by our children. I have seen people changing their name, because it was inappropriate and sometime embarrassing.

Own name sounds musical to every individual and people are sentimental about it. That is why one should be very particular to correctly pronounce the name of the individuals. It is advisable to address by ones name and it also shows our confidence.

As per William Shakespeare, “good name, in a man or woman, is the immediate jewel of their souls.”

So, be wise to choose a good and significant name. Psychologists believe that by whatever name you call a person they respond with abilities in harmony with it. When a child is given a crude name, he responds accordingly. Therefore, a child must be so named that it may be pleasing to ears and motivate him to do noble things in life.

Avoid naming on mountains, stars, rivers etc. because as per astrology it is bad. Some names have beautiful meaning, but complicated in writing and pronunciation & that should be avoided. Name should be easy to remember, pronounce and write. All those names, which can be twisted and their meanings are odd, should be avoided. But, in olden days odd names were purposely used to increase the longevity of the child. Many names and surnames may be very funny to others due to their different meanings in their languages, but it is unavoidable.

There are people who like to have two names to their children; one pet name and other official name, but it is wrong. It is good to have only one name to the child. Different Moon signs of two names may affect the personality. One should refer child’s natal chart to know the first alphabet to name him. Further, with the help of numerology one can correct the given name of the child.

In some community, people avoid naming the child according to star and this is to hide the personality of the child. But, it is not a great idea. In contrast few like to keep the name as per the first alphabet of birth star.

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