#”Vastu shastra: an ancient science of India.”

It will not be surprising if, we will no longer have the need to use mobile for communication after a few years, maybe a small implanted chip in our brain will enable us to communicate with anyone. In the ancient time; even today there are yogis who rely on telepathy.

There were many great inventions done in the past and we have evidence of it now. Our Rishis (scientist) wrote books on Vaimaniki and with the help of those design successful models of airplanes are made.

The importance of many things get ignored by the time, but that still remains and keep affecting our lives. By not following olden teachings we have spoiled our ecology; now we are very close to devastation.

It is the same case with Vastu Shastra. In olden days Vastu Shastra was integral part of life. People were not aware of the subject as “Vastu Shastra” but they followed it religiously. Those folks were simple, deep in their thinking and also nature loving. The technological advancement has brought a magical change in the human life, but also spoiled our belief system. Now, the human race is confused and living with countless doubts. We have ignored many early teachings without properly understanding it. Ancient Vastu is based on science and it helps us to enjoy the human life with the rhythm of nature. It is sad to note that when we can’t understand the intricacy of the subject, then we name it unscientific. It is easy to understand science because it has logic, but mystic sciences need knowledge of science along with deeper and broader insight. But, how long we will hide our ignorance by branding these facts “unscientific” which are science beyond science? Many mysteries are yet to be solved. Many facts still need to be understood. The universe is not easily fathomable and that gives us a message to be curious but not arrogant.

With the developments, space and comforts have become a major factor for all types of dwellings. When constructions are done for business, then the profit margin becomes vital and that leads to many compromises in Vastu Shastra norms. This is quoted to make it clear to those who have plenty questions and confusion related to Vastu Shastra. May be 50 years back life was not as competitive as today. Needs were limited and one was happy with small achievements. There were joint families and different types of sharing among the members to compensate for many shortfalls. Now, the nucleus family has different challenges to face on a day to day basis and is not so simple to manage. Without a good dwelling and balanced state of mind, life can turn to be burdened. The apartment system has brought great comforts and luxury to us. But, inbuilt toilets and many other Vastu norms which are commercially non-viable have also added much negativity in our life.

There were hardly any olden house in which toilets were built up inside; it was always in one corner of the house but away from the main dwelling area. Buildings were constructed square or rectangular, rarely had missing corners and odd shapes. It was always taken care of Sunlight and ventilation.

I will like to give you some example to convince about the effects of Vastu. Take the case of India, as per Vastu norms the north direction should be low and the south should be higher and heavier. We have the Himalaya in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south and that is just opposite of Vastu Shastra. Time and again this has affected our country and still going on. Till there is no major geographical changes in the Indian Territory, complications will continue.

Ancient Vastu Shastra is helpful not only in selecting a good residential place, but commercial ones too. It can be applied in all types of structures like religious and other public places. Let us be analytical and try to compare the houses and buildings around us and find the effectiveness of Vastu Shastra rules. In my long practice of mystic sciences I found only a few buildings constructed following Vastu norms but people are prosperous and joyous. It is observed that during good ruling of planets in the horoscope, even bad Vastu can be managed.

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