Are you in the correct profession?

It is said that every individual is born with some talent and that can make us famous like any other celebrity provided we make use of it. But, hardly people know their talent and thus few get the status of a celebrity.

There are many other factors required to make us better in our endeavour; luck and karma are prominent among all. Further, our progress, achievements and satisfaction are optimised when we choose a correct profession for which we are destined.

The earth is Karm Bhumi (place of work) and every human being is born to perform particular task assigned by our destiny. This life destined karma is inspired by the karma of the past life. This may not be accepted by many people who have not given time to understand the mysticism of life. I request them to read about parapsychology and different mystic sciences.

“Anything done from the core of our heart, give us satisfaction and even though it is tough, we are neither fed up nor bored. When our work becomes a hobby, then we achieve the best of our potentiality.”

There are people who learn a serious profession like medicine, engineering etcetera, but after a few years they give up and start something different. Why they do so? Reason is very simple. When we don’t enjoy the work that affects our performance and leads to failure.

Few of us change our profession because we have to survive, but that is only for a time. Any trouble in the life is not forever. A successful person, compromise and do all possible things to survive, but sooner get the opportunity they jump back to originality.

There are people going to the North Pole, South Pole, Antarctica, Mount Everest for adventure which are not only very tough, but life threatening. Why they do so because they like adventure? The thrill and love of such experiences they do all daredevils tasks; even at the cost of their life.

If, we have the same urge and passion for our profession, then even the life risk and pain is accepted without grudge. With that craving no one can stop us to achieve the best from the life. The forced profession always demotivate us; time and again we like to find problem with that. Even with a little problem and dissatisfaction we are out of gear and we give up. We change the profession and go for a new.

After 5 or 10 years being in one profession if, we are changing and starting a new one, then in that case the 10 years of experience may not be utilised in the new profession. We have to start as a fresher. If, it is repeated even twice or thrice in our lifetime, then, may be at the age of 45 or 50 we will be taking up a profession as a beginner whereas that was the age to be a master.

In the beginning, we are fresh and nothing is known about the undertaken profession, but every day we put efforts to learn and after many mistakes and financial losses we get the perfection. But, change of profession means a waste of our previous efforts, hard work, investment, good will and a good span of precious time.

Our parents are responsible for our success in the life. Proper guidance and their efforts make us a shining star. But, can we doubt the sincerity and efforts of those parents whose child is a failure in the life? May be few are negligent, but not all. As a parent if, we are logical then many of the complications can be avoided. In a case of special children if, he is admitted in a normal school, then may not progress to his fullest capacity. Understanding the child capabilities and their liking is vital. For that beside psychological tests, even the natal chart of the person can play a significant role.

The destined profession, burning desire and capabilities of the individual can be easily identified by the individual horoscope. The atma karka, Vargottama planet, 7th and 10th house lord and their placement, powerful planets in the chart, placement of the Sun and its strength, the Moon conditions and many other planetary combinations can indicate the suitable profession which may be difficult to find even by psychological tools and testing.

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