#”Are you having a happy marriage or a difficult marriage?”

Proverbs 27:15 English Standard Version (ESV)

A continual dripping on a rainy day
and a quarrelsome wife are alike.
Proverbs 21:9 English Standard Version (ESV) 9

It is better to live in a corner of the housetop
than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.
The above quotes from the Bible indicate the pain involved in a bad marriage and nobody wants such experiences in the married life. Each of us is curious to know everything related to married life. It is said that man can fight against the whole world if he is having good support and understanding with his wife. A few can claim that he is totally satisfied in his marriage and he is not compromising.
The Saint Tukaram and philosopher Socrates married life was also not good because of their nagging wife. Wife of Tukaram, Jijai went to heaven by holding his leg and may be there also he may be having the same problem, I am just joking.
A well known anecdote about the Socrates wife is that- out of anger, once she threw a bucket of dirty water at him. The Socrates then expressed this way, “After the thunder, comes the rain.” It is his saying, “Marry or marry not, in any case, you will regret it.”
As a normal man, we too are supposed to get affected by bad married partners. If, we have a good partner then we manage our life with less complications otherwise suffering will really hamper our different areas of life, almost all.
Own siblings who grow together under own roof, have different likings and philosophy of life, even having the same guardianship and upbringings. Then how can we expect from our wife to be ditto like us who has grown up in different families and guardianship? But, love, scarify and a strong commitment to each other makes us to ignore all weaknesses, mistakes of our partners and enjoy a joyous never ending festive life.
In astrology, the 7th house, its lord and the planetary aspects to 7th house is related with married life happiness. The good planets make the marriage happy, but bad and evil positioning of planets causes complications in the married life.
The placement of Sun in 7th house and aspect has a negative effect to married life; if there is no good aspect and yoga of a happy married life then it gives divorce, separation and miseries.
If, Venus is placed in the 7th house, lord of 7th house is placed in own house or in the 7th house with no other malefic yogas of a bad marriage; then it is for sure that partner will be good, romantic and married life will be very rewarding and satisfied.
Saturn in the Libra in 7th house gives a rich partner, but some time there will be a big age difference and a partner will be less romantic, but family oriented.
Rahu in 7th house may not give a sober and aristocratic partner. On the contrary, they may be less romantic, but demanding.
Mercury in the 7th house in own Rashi with a strong Venus; give early or very early marriage. The partner will be wise, knowledgeable and skilled in the work.
Mars may give delayed marriage, but partner will be healthy and both will be happy. But, the 7th lord should be placed in good houses and there should not be aspect and placement of the Sun in the 7th house.
Exalted Sun in the 7th house gives marriage to a person who is having a good name in the society or a famous person or belongs to a reputed family. Many times such native after marriage gains a respectable position and reputation, but other planets should be well placed.
Moon in the 7th may give an old looking or older partner. In this case, there could be a liberal relation between them and one of the partners may be talkative.
Venus with Rahu or Saturn or Mars or their aspect gives strong libido. Don’t neglect his physical demands, if you don’t want him to flirt and involve with other women. Similarly, men have to keep fit to full fill his wife physical needs to avoid the problem in relation, if the above said planetary combinations are present in her chart.
Exalted or strong Venus, Mars and Moon in one house and aspect of Rahu or bad planets on Venus may tend to explore different ways to satisfy unusual sexual urge and such person may go for unnatural sex. If, Jupiter, Saturn or Mars is not strong and well placed then such desires can make them unsocial elements.
The Rahu and Saturn in the 12th house, Moon and Mars in the ascendant and strong Venus in the 6th house is also a very unusual combinations and such native have a very-very strong sex drive and that will last late in the life. For him, lady means only sex and they may be even incest. If, Jupiter is strong with other good yogas then may have a desire but he will control.
How is your partner going to be?
The nature of planets related to 7th house, or planets placed in the 7th house or aspect of planets to the 7th house along with other yogas, decide the nature of partners.
If, Jupiter is lord of 7th house and also having an aspect to it, then it is for sure that the partner will be knowledgeable or learned and mature to manage the life in a beautiful way. If, he has secret relation, that will not surface due to his managing skill.
The Venus is a romantic planet; gives a romantic and good looking partner, if it is exalted or in own Rashi in the 7th house or in an auspicious house. One may also have a good looking partner, if the 7th house lord belongs to an even number and there is no bad aspect to 7th house.
Mars in the 7th house will give a strong personality of the partner. May be some time they will be aggressive.
Mercury gives a nature to compromise due to maturity; weak Mercury and bad Mars may give compromising in nature due to lack of confidence.
Saturn in the 7th house gives a partner who can sacrifice his profession for the happiness of the family. He may not be very romantic, but he will always do his best for the family.
Rahu will be like his nature and somewhere it will give the personality of a partner like him.
Uranus aspect or placement in the 7th house gives a moody partner. They may have strong bonding, but there will be frequent fights. Such native should avoid any type of discussion when they are in bed. Otherwise, the night will spoil due to fight.
If, you, want a romantic and sensual partner, then check the Venus positioning in the chart. Venus should be strong and this should be placed in the 7th house and ascendant should be strong along with good Moon. On the contrary, the Saturn and Mercury in the 7th house give a partner lacking in sex drive.
Are you marrying a rich person?
The exalted Saturn placed in the 7th house is a very strong indication of a rich partner. If, the individual is having raj yoga and the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th house is having a good aspect or auspicious planet’s placement, then the partner will be a lucky and rich.
Why marriages are delayed?
Mostly marriage is delayed due to planetary combinations in the horoscope, but there could be many other factors which we normally ignore. In my knowledge given points are responsible for delayed marriage:
1. Kaalsarpa or placement of Rahu in 4th house.
2. There is Vivah-pratibandhak yogas.
3. The 7th house lord is placed in 6th, 8th, 12th or 3rd house & Venus and Mercury are weak.
4. The Sun is in own Rashi or exalted sign and weak Moon in the chart.
5. 6th house has an evil aspect or evil placement of planets.
Then such native may have delayed marriage or he may not get married.
1 to 3 points are due to bad yogas.
Points 4 and 5: The strong Sun gives ego, weak Moon lack of confidence, confusion and such natives are unable to take a proper decision; find faults in every proposal or give different excuses to delay the marriage. They lose favorable time of marriage and thus marriage is delayed or sometime never takes place.
It is a general assumption that, if one is destined to marry, then marriage will bound to happen, but it is not very true. Marriage means getting a partner to share emotional, physical and other feelings of life. In olden days, it was just not possible to be intimate with anyone without marriage, but in modern society, it is not the same. So, a favorable marriage time may also give a strong relation, in place of a social marriage. One has to be logical and go deeper to understand the all aspects of a native’s life to guide them correctly.
Remedies & advice:
Unlike to western astrology we have remedies for a bad marriage and avoiding divorce; we can follow these advices:
1. There are many contradictions about kaalsarpa yoga; many don’t believe this malefic yoga. It is my sincere advice to do at least once, if one has partial and thrice in case of complete Kaalsarpa yoga. But, do it as per our Vedic Shashtra by a learned Brahmin.
2. If, there is a yoga of divorce or more than one marriage, then do Vishnu/Kumbhak/Ghatak five and it should be done before puberty for a better result. For male one should perform Ark Vivah.
3. Along with the remedies, acceptance of fact may prove better. Try to compromise more to avoid complications otherwise, the only number of marriage may increase not the happiness.
4. Many don’t believe in matching horoscope for marriage compatibility. It is better to match both charts for marriage compatibility because it helps in reducing complications. A Good Brahmin always goes deep in the charts to analyze different aspects of partner’s life, not only the score. The even higher score may not save the marriage, if there are bad yogas in the individual chart.
Conclusion: This write up is just a tip of iceberg to avoid complications and have a happy married life. We have to keep trying our best to manage our married life because divorce is affecting not only the pairs, but family, relatives, society and the nation at large.
Divorced person’s birth details:
Female: 17/12/1984, 0940 Hrs, Chandigarh (UT).
Female: 27/09/1982, 0545 Hrs, Lucknow (UP).
Male: 05/07/1963, 2345 Hrs, Bhopal (MP). -Widower
Male: 14/12/1973, 0700 Hrs, Baramati (Mah.).
Male: 11/09/1968, 0815 Hrs, Delhi. (2Divorce).
Male: 19/11/1994, 0800 Hrs, Mudhol (AP).
Female: 05/12/1968, 2315 Hrs, Mumbai (Mah.).
Female: 03/06/1973, 1320 Hrs, Pune (Mah.)
Male: 28/08/1967, 2240 Hrs, Barsi (Mah.).
Female: 04/04/1977, 1800 Hrs, Calcutta (W.B.).
Female: 03/06/1980, 0232Hrs, Patna (Bihar)
Male: 30/09/1982, 0320 Hrs, Raipur (M.P.).
Female: 07/10/1988, 0515 Hrs, Bilaspur (Chattisgarh).
Female: 07/01/1984, 1222 Hrs, Hubli (Karnataka).
Male: 03/02/1976, 2020 Hrs, Bhopal (M.P.).
Female: 28/08/1979, 1922 Hrs, Gangtok (Sikkim).
Male: 01/05/1978, 2227 Hrs, Tuticorin (Kerala).
Male: 09/05/1961, 2230 Hrs, Pune (Mah.).
Male: 07/05/1968, 2235 Hrs, Pune (Mah.).
Female: 26/06/1974, 2013 Hrs, Mumbai (Mah.).
Female: 14/02/1980, 1425 Hrs, Bareilly (U.P.).
Male: 15/02/1977, 0600 Hrs, Gondia (M.P.).
Female: 22/05/1976, 1145 Hrs, Dadar (Mah.).
Male: 13/06/1977, 1030 Hrs, Pandarkawada (Mah.).

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